Ideas for afternoon tea, wedding favours, table centrepieces: Flowering Tea will make yours stand out

We're all on the hunt for new and unique ideas to wow people and get them talking. Most people seem to have done and seen it all, whether it be in real life or through Instagram.  Well we have a unique, fun, and eco-friendly idea for you if you're looking for party or wedding favours, table centrepieces or ideas for at home afternoon tea: Flowering Tea.


Afternoon Tea and Centrepieces

A lot of people like a glass of something fizzy with their afternoon tea but a lot of people don't. A pot of beautiful Flowering Tea in the centre of a table is a unique and drinkable decoration. Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland. Place the clear teapot on the table, add the flowering tea bulb and pour over the hot water and the flowering tea will blossom into a beautiful flower in 3 to 10 minutes. It truly is an event as people watch the flower unfold. After the flower has fully unfurled your delicious green tea is ready to drink. It's full of flavour and antioxidants. Our Flowering Tea comes in five different flower designs so it's always fun to see how each flower unfolds in a unique way.


Wedding Favours

We've all been to weddings where we are given favours which are as useful or useable as a glass hammer. Our Flowering Teas are drinkable, non-breakable, easy to carry and pack for guests, eco-friendly, and truly unique.

Our wedding favour option contains two individually wrapped flowering tea bulbs in a personalised eco-friendly jute bag, with instructions. The creation of Flowering Tea is an ancient Chinese art form passed down the generations. Flowering tea artisans believe the flowering teas they create symbolise happiness and love and their work is held in high regard. 

These are wonderful gifts which blossom into exquisite flowers and will be a beautiful takeaway from your wedding.

Take a look at our Flowering Tea collections


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