Every day, easy ways to reduce waste and save money

Small actions count. When we think of doing our part for the earth it can feel a little overwhelming but tiny changes can reduce waste, save you money and make you feel satisfied.

What do you do with the white ends of your spring onions? Most people will throw these in the bin but did you know these grow back with zero effort? All you have to do is stand them in a small amount of water in a jar or glass and they will grow. And when I saw grow, I mean seriously grow (practically day of the triffids). Within a week we have left ours standing and we have spring onions over a foot long. Cut them again and place them back in the water and they will grow again. We have done this several times with the same spring onion and only discard it or plant it in soil when the white roots becomes unhealthy and soggy through sitting in water for too long.

You can also do this with celery.

reduce waste spring onions


Another easy win is to use banana peels as fertiliser for your plants. When you're left with a banana peel after eating the banana, simply place it in a bowl of water and leave it for two days. You can then use this water to water your house plants with and it really does work. We have noticed a difference with our rubber plants and peace lilies. I wouldn't recommend leaving the banana peel in a bowl of water for more than two days as this can attract fruit flies.

reduce waste banana peel

Using old vegetables and parts of vegetables you wouldn't typically eat (like the broccoli stem) are great in soup. Simply heat them up and blend. This reduces waste and saves you money. Not to mention home made soup is tasty and nutritious! 

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