How to Brew Flowering Tea

Our Flowering Teas really do transform tea drinking into an event. This can be enjoyed relaxing alone or as something fun and different with friends. To best enjoy the Flowering Tea below are our suggestions.

Flowering Tea Blooming Tea TeaBloom

How does Flowering Tea work?

Use a heatproof glass or tea pot and open the individually wrapped bulb and place at the bottom.

Heat water separately in a kettle or on a stove but try and avoid the water boiling as this can make the green tea leaves taste bitter. We suggest between 85 degrees Celsius and 95 degrees Celsius. 

Pour the hot water over the bulb and cover by three or four inches. 

Then sit back and relax as the tea steeps and a beautiful flower unfolds. 

Flowering teas can be steeped up to three times, making two litres of tea.

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