Zero Waste Ideas: How to Repurpose your Coconut Shell Candle

Zero Waste Ideas: How to Repurpose your Coconut Shell Candle

If you have purchased one of our hand-carved coconut shell candles, this is for you.

We love limiting our waste as much as possible. It saves you money and the environment, and gives you a chance to be creative whilst owning something unique.

Once you have burnt your coconut shell candle wax down with about 1cm layer remaining, place your candle in a bowl or pan of boiling hot water (be careful) and make sure the wax level is submerged below the water level, keeping the inside of the coconut dry.

The remaining wax layer inside will melt and then it should slide out of the coconut easily. Dispose of this wax and clean the inside of the coconut bowl with a paper towel remove any residue.

There will be three metal wick stoppers at the bottom of the shell. They may have become loose already in which case you can dispose of them. If they haven’t already become loose use pliers carefully to remove the three wick stoppers.

You can use your coconut shell as a container, bird feeder, plant pot, or you may have more ideas!  To take care of your coconut shell, occasionally rub (coconut) oil into the shell to keep it from drying out and becoming brittle over time.

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