The Best Glass Teapot for Flowering Tea

Flowering Tea can't be fully appreciated without a clear receptacle to brew it within, whether that be a mug, a glass or a teapot. A clear glass or teapot allows you to watch as the Flowering Tea bulb blossoms into a beautiful flower, after you've added the hot water.  But which is best?

glass teapot flowering tea bulbs

Tropical Lobster Borosilicate Glass Teapots

Our borosilicate glass teapots are ideal for Flowering Tea. Borosilicate glass is harder, stronger and more durable than other heatproof glass (such as soda-lime glass) and it is less subject to thermal stress. Borosilicate glass can withstand temperature changes of 170ºC meaning you can safely pour boiling hot water into the teapot, or place it in the freezer. This gives you a safe, and long lasting teapot.

Our teapots also have a non-drip spout and come with a removable strainer, enabling you to use this teapot for a variety of teas. 

The capacity is 1000ml making it larger than most teapots and giving you the best viewing experience for your Flowering Tea. 

Please still do use caution when interacting with the teapot as the material is glass  and can still be smashed if it is knocked, or if excessive force is applied.


glass teapot flowering tea


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