Tropical Film: The Beach

Sometimes we all have the urge to watch something that takes us back to the feeling of a warm breeze on your skin, feet in the sand a beautifully clear, starry sky above us. So we thought we’d have a feature listing our favourite destination films and T.V. shows.
First up is the 2000 movie, The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
Summary (no spoilers): Based on a novel of the same name, Richard (played by DiCaprio) is a rambunctious American in his early 20s travelling Thailand and looking for an authentic, non-touristic experience.  During his stay in a hostel, he meets a lively Scottish gentleman who passes onto him a rare map of a remote island where he states is the home of small civilisation, untouched by the tourist trap of the rest of the country.  From here, Richard sets out to find this Island and throughout the film we see the beautiful scenery of Thailand with music that melts you right into your seat and takes you there.  However, as you can probably guess, not everything is quite the paradise it seems. 
Interesting info: 
  • Riding the wave of the success of Titanic just three years earlier, DiCaprio managed to bag a $20 million pay cheque for this movie.
  • The soundtrack is just generally awesome and we would recommend giving it a listen (easily found on Spotify).
  • Sadly, to create some of the scenes in the movie, some of the native vegetation and trees were removed to create larger spaces and exotic species were introduced. The studio was eventually forced into replanting in the hope of transforming the beach to its former glory, but it is said it never properly worked out.
  • Most of the filming took place on Maya Bay on the island Phi Phi Leh.
  • In the novel, Richard is English, and it is said that Ewan McGregor was originally going to be cast as Richard.
  • The map which Richard follows was actually created by the author of the novel, Alex Garland.
Our rating: 7 / 10.  This film is fun, gripping, and with some high highs and low lows. The scenery and soundtrack is spot on and with leading actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton there is some serious talent here too.
Beautiful beach

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