Unusual Christmas Gifts Guide

Unusual Christmas Gifts Guide

As always, how did Christmas come around so quickly? Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas' has starting to awaken from its annual hibernation to grace shopping centres across the country all over again. And we are all on the hunt for a gift which is just a bit different. I guarantee we have unique Christmas gift ideas for you below for all price ranges which you won't have considered before with the added bonus of the collections being eco-friendly and delivered in eco-friendly packaging with a free gift note. And don't forget any orders over £35.00 will receive free shipping.

Beautiful Flowering Tea Gift Sets: fun, flavour, and wellbeing

Flowering Tea is the ultimate in unique and fun gifts as most people will never have experienced this before. Especially during the winter months when we crave delicious and warming drinks. People love to use Flowering Tea when they have company as added fun and flavour to their beverages, or enjoy on their own for a truly relaxing and beautiful tea drinking experience. 

How does it work? Simple. Pour hot water over the bulb and slowly the bulb will unfurl and blossom into a beautiful flower and produce delicious green tea. We have five unique flower designs which the tea can blossom into, each with its own tropical inspired name.

The creation of Flowering Tea is an ancient Chinese art form passed down the generations. Flowering tea artisans believe the flowering teas they create symbolise happiness and love and their work is held in high regard.

We have several options for gifts including a taster bag set with one of each of the five flower designs for a smaller gift under £10. We have 10, 15, and 30 bag options, each in a cute, eco-friendly, and reusable jute bag, with instructions.

We also offer 10, 15 and 30 bag sets with a heat proof glass teapot so you can enjoy watching the tea blossom. 

Our most popular gift option is the Flowering Tea and Coconut Shell Candle floral relaxing gift set. You won't find a Flowering Tea and hand carved Coconut Shell Candle set anywhere else. Both are 100% natural and are a wonderful unique and relaxing gift.

We also offer our wonderful Christmas Gift Set which combines our cosy favourites for a truly unique Christmas gift set this winter. The set includes our best selling Coconut Shell Candle, cosy Hemp Socks, and beautiful Flowering Tea. Perfect for a winter night in. 

For the ultimate in wellbeing gifts, you can also find our tea in our Wellbeing Gift Set.

flowering -tea-christmas-gift

Hemp Socks: the best socks in your sock draw

You can't beat a classic when it comes to gifts and these are socks like you haven't seen them before. Hemp socks are the epitome of footwear as they are three times more durable than cotton and are anti-bacterial meaning you have extremely long lasting socks (no holes anytime soon with these) and reduced odour whilst being great for those prone to athletes foot or other skin conditions. They are wonderful for everyday wear and because of their durability and anti-bacterial nature they are particularly fantastic for those who like to walk, hike, and play sports. Not to mention they are much more eco-friendly when compared to cotton as they use considerably less water to grow and require no pesticides or herbicides. They are also endlessly cosy!

Why not enjoy the socks as part of the Christmas Gift Set or our brand new Cosy Winter Walks Set which includes a super soft bamboo t-shirt. 

Coconut Shell Candle Gift Sets: natural candles with a tropical twist

Our Coconut Shell Candles have been the most popular collection when it comes to gifts and it's not difficult to see why. They are hand carved, contain soy wax and are naturally scented with subtle scents, and the coconut shell can be reused. We have several different scents including rose blossom, vanilla sunset, and mint breeze.

Again, our most popular gift option is the Flowering Tea and Coconut Shell Candle floral relaxing gift set. You won't find a Flowering Tea and hand carved Coconut Shell Candle set anywhere else. Both are 100% natural and are a wonderful unique and relaxing gift.

You can also enjoy the candle as part of our Christmas Gift Set and Wellbeing Gift Set.

Cork Yoga Mats: for the pro or beginner wanting a professional experience

Now these are something truly special. Our Cork Yoga Mats are made with 100% natural materials with both the cork and rubber harvesting process being tree friendly so the tree can carry on living a full life. When it comes to yoga practice, they make you feel like a pro with high grip resulting in smooth transitions as well as alignment lines so you can expertly place your hands and feet to balance your weight perfectly through your body and reduce the chance of falling and causing injury. Cork is also naturally anti-bacterial resulting in a cleaner experience than your traditional yoga mats and reduced odour. If you look after this yoga mat it will be with you for a long time. The mat also has classic sketches of yoga poses in all four corners which provides perfect inspiration for your practice. Shipping is free and delivered in minimal eco-friendly packaging.

We also offer the Ultimate Wellbeing Gift Set which you will not find anywhere else and will truly wow your loved ones. This set includes our Cork Yoga Mat, Flowering Tea, Flowering Tea Teapot and Coconut Candle to bring health and happiness to your loved ones.

Bamboo T-shirts: the softest tees 

Not just any old t-shirts. One of the most popular features of our bamboo t-shirts is how soft it feels on your skin. As well as being super soft, they are also naturally anti-bacterial and wicks away sweat making these the perfect everyday and exercise t-shirt. Great for those who love easy to wear clothes which feels gentle on their skin. You can also enjoy these as part of our Cosy Winter Walks Gift Set.




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