Welcome! Our tropical origins

A huge, sunny welcome to Tropical Lobster! We are a British and Dutch couple who met whilst working away in our paradise and we wanted to bring a slice of it to our lives at home. We are passionate about how nature can truly benefit people by making them healthier and happier. Our mission is to help people create their own paradise, whatever that might mean to you, and deliver happiness and health through our eco-friendly collections, inspired by nature from around the world
Why are we so passionate about this? We are huge outdoors lovers and believe a good dose of Vitamin D does wonders for people. We also have a great love for the variety of food found across places and cultures, eating outside under the sun and stars, spending time in tranquil locations and the kind people we have met throughout the world. We believe all of this creates a happy and healthier life.

Through Tropical Lobster we hope to bring a touch of paradise to people's homes and lives. We love using materials that are kind to our planet and reduce waste so at Tropical Lobster you’ll find hand carved coconut-shell candles which can be repurposed after use, hemp and bamboo clothing, and much more. And with some purchases you will find the label is made from seed-paper, so instead of dropping the tag in the bin, drop it in the ground and watch flowers blossom. Take a look at our collections which are soft on skin, the eyes, and the earth. We hope you love you them as much as we do. 
And don’t forget to follow us on social media where you will find ideas for new and tasty meals inspired from places around the world, stunning destinations to visit, films and TV to watch when you just need to see that chunk of nature, and much more besides. Fun, freeing, and fresh, Tropical Lobster gives you a healthier environment to relax, live, work and play within.
We’re a brand-new small business of just two people so keep coming back to see more updates. We love to meet like-minded people and so we are always keen to hear of your ideas and see photos of your own experiences whether at home or away, so do share so we can get to know you too. 

Take a look around and enjoy!

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