What is slow fashion?

Perhaps it's easier to start with fast fashion. Fast fashion is cheap, poor quality items in current trends, made and purchased with the expectation to be worn only handful of times before being replaced quickly. These items are made to maximise profit for the producer and often disregard the planet and the workers involved.

Slow fashion is the opposite of this, with its ethos centred in producing quality items which are versatile and hard wearing whilst respecting the planet and the people involved. Slow fashion therefore produces less waste and reduces impact on nature whilst supporting better working conditions. By being mindful of your purchases and following slow fashion you can also save a lot of money! Win win. 

Here at Tropical Lobster we are passionate about following this ethos by producing lifestyle basics for people who already live and breath this, to people who are just starting out thinking about how they can do their little bit to help the planet and people who live on it.  For example, our bamboo t-shirts are equally great for use as exercise clothes, lounge wear, and to dress up for a trip to meet friends or the office. 

We hope you love our items and are proud to know you're doing your part for the planet and the people we share it with. 

Take a look at our bamboo t-shirts

Take a look at our hemp socks


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