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Tropical Lobster
bamboo t-shirt purple
Bamboo T-Shirt aubergine womens Tropical Lobster
Bamboo T-Shirt aubergine mens Tropical Lobster
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Bamboo - t shirt aubergine womens

Tropical Lobster

Organic Bamboo T-Shirt in aubergine

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Buy any three bamboo t-shirts for a package deal of £59.99 and free shipping. Simply add them to the cart and use the code 'BambooTrio' and the discount will be automatically applied.

Our high quality organic bamboo t-shirts are eco-friendly, super soft and ethically made. For you this means long lasting, versatile clothing which you love, and are proud to use and wear.

Luxuriously soft and easy to wear Bamboo T-Shirt

Tropical Lobster bamboo t-shirts are beautifully soft on the skin and will remain soft after many washes. They are also hypoallergenic and so great for sensitive skin! They crease far less than traditional cotton (who likes ironing anyway?). This makes them great for throwing in a bag and travelling. We aim to reduce waste where we can and this is why our bamboo t-shirts are incredibly versatile and are great for relaxing around the home, being active in, and pairing with your favourite jeans. Three t-shirts in one! They're uni-sex and look great on men and women! (see sizing tips below).

Keeps you feeling fresh and healthy

Tropical Lobster bamboo t-shirts keep you super fresh as bamboo gives excellent ventilation due to its bamboo fibres. Not only this they are anti-bacterial so are sweat resistant, keeping you even fresher and reducing odour. Our bamboo t-shirts also protect your skin from UV-rays. 

Highly eco-friendly

Tropical Lobster bamboo tees are highly eco-friendly as bamboo can grow without chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers, reducing chemicals in the soil. Bamboo recaptures substantial amounts of carbon dioxide from the environment and requires very little water and space to grow whilst also being able to grow up to three feet a day! It can also pretty much grow anywhere in the world making this a uniquely sustainable material.

Ethically made and high quality 

Our bamboo t-shirts are made ethically and consist of 70% bamboo viscous which is higher than most others on the market. We need to blend the bamboo with another material to ensure they wear well and so we blend with 30% organic cotton is also an eco-friendly material. We want to make sure we have chosen the best quality materials which are grown and created in way which is kind to the planet and the people which work with them. Our bamboo t-shirts have achieved Class 1 criteria in  Oeko-Tex Certification for Bamboo fabric whilst are also PETA approved for being vegan. 


Our t-shirts are unisex and look great on both men and women! Bear this in mind when picking your size. They can size slightly larger for women so are great for for feeling comfortable in your house, or tuck them into your jeans when out and about. In the photos above you will see specific measurements for the sizes. The man wears a medium and the woman wears a small. Check the measurements in the images for an accurate sizing but generally for women we recommend:

8-10: Small (baggy fit)
12-14: Small
14-16: Medium
18: Large
20: XL

We are incredibly proud of our bamboo t-shirts and we hope you love them too!


Our Tropical Lobster bamboo t-shirt labels are made from seed paper meaning instead of dropping it in the bin, drop it in some soil and watch the wild flowers bloom!