Wellbeing Gift Set
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Wellbeing Gift Set
Wellbeing Gift Set
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Wellbeing Gift Set

Tropical Lobster

Wellbeing Gift Set

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The Ultimate Wellbeing Gift Set

Our unique Wellbeing Gift Set includes:

  • 1 x 100% natural Cork Yoga Mat (5mm thickness)
  • 1 x Coconut Candle (choose your scent)
  • Flowering Tea Bulbs (mixed bulbs - choose your quantity)
  • 1 x Flowering Tea Teapot 1200ml

Combine our natural wellbeing and fitness collections for the ultimate in Wellbeing Gift Set to bring happiness and health to your loved ones.

We are proud to be offering the only set of its kind with these items to deliver a truly unique gift.

Cork Yoga Mat

Tropical Lobster Cork Yoga Mats are the perfect blend of comfort, quality, beauty, and eco-friendliness. Our Cork Yoga Mats have a natural rubber base and natural cork, high grip surface, with a unique engraved design with alignment technology. 

Size: 183cm by 66cm
Thickness: 5mm
Weight: 2.9kg

Flowering Tea

Our premium hand-sewn bulbs blossom into beautiful flowers when hot water is added, and create the highest quality green tea. 

The process of creating the tea and watching it bloom provides you with the perfect 15-minute break in your day to create a daily ritual to calm the mind and the body and increase your wellbeing whilst drinking delicious green tea, as well as being a truly unique gift

You can choose the quantity of bulbs you would like (5,10 or 15). The bulbs will be mixed designs.

The Flowering Tea Teapot you will receive can hold 1200ml and is of the highest standard so you can clearly watch and enjoy your Flowering Tea in a heatproof teapot which will last.

Coconut Shell Candle 

This beautiful, hand-carved coconut shell has been filled with soy and coconut wax to create unique, eco-friendly coconut shell candles with a natural, subtle rose scent. The Coconut Shell Candle creates a wonderful ambiance both indoors and outdoors whether you're having fun, or want to unwind. Choose which scent you would like. 

Mint Breeze is fresh and cool. Think refreshing sea breeze on an evening at the beach after a hot day of sun and sand. 

Vanilla Sunset is rich, classic, and warm. Think a soft, crackling fire on a beach as you watch the sun disappear below the ocean.

Rose Blossom is beautiful, sweet, and floral. Think bright, blooming flowers in a lush, vibrant, and tropical garden.

Always place a non-flammable coaster or plate under the coconut shell candle when burning to protect your furniture from heat, and on the rare occasion wax which may leak through tiny cracks due to it being a natural product. You can always float your candle in a bowl of water.

Eco-friendly Packaging 

Your Coconut Shell Candle and Flowering Tea will arrive in beautiful eco-friendly packaging with both tied in biodegradable jute bags which can be reused. The Cork Yoga Mat will be wrapped in recyclable paper. This will all arrive in a cardboard box. To reduce waste we don't include any paperwork in the packaging.