Cosy Winter Walks Set: Hemp Socks and White Bamboo T-shirt
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Tropical Lobster

Cosy Winter Walks Set: Hemp Socks and White Bamboo T-shirt

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Combine our cosy and highly durable Hemp Socks with our super soft and anti-bacterial Bamboo T-shirt to give you fresh and comfy walks this winter.

Eco-friendly Hemp Socks in natural

Our hemp socks are anti-bacterial meaning they keep your feet fresh and healthy, and reduce odour. They are also recommended for those prone to athlete's foot due to the anti-fungal nature of hemp as well as those with allergies or sensitive skin and during sports. They feel wonderfully comfortable and every wash makes the socks softer. They are thermo-regulating meaning they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Hemp is one of the strongest natural materials on the planet resulting in long-lasting socks which fits perfectly into a slow living and sustainable lifestyle. They are up to four times more durable than cotton socks. Hemp is a leading material when it comes to sustainability.


Our socks are listed in European sizes. Here is a handy guide to convert to U.K. sizing:

3/4/5 :    36/38
6/7 :        39/40
7.5/8 :     41/42
9/9.5 :    43/44
10/11.5 : 45/46


3/4/5 :    36/38
6/7 :       39/40
8/9 :       41/42
10/11 :    43/44
12/13 :   45/46

Organic White Bamboo T-shirt

Our high-quality organic bamboo t-shirts are anti-bacterial, super soft, and extremely eco-friendly. Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest-growing crops on the planet, able to grow up to three feet a day?

Our versatile t-shirts are made ethically and consist of 70% bamboo, which is higher than most others on the market resulting in a luxuriously soft feeling on the skin and long-lasting bamboo t-shirts. 
Enjoy feeling fresher and incredibly comfortable in our Tropical Lobster organic bamboo t-shirts for men and women, delivered to you in eco-friendly and minimal packaging. 


Our t-shirts are unisex and look great on both men and women! Bear this in mind when picking your size. They can size slightly larger for women so are great for for feeling comfortable in your house, or tuck them into your jeans when out and about. In the photos above you will see specific measurements for the sizes. The man wears a medium and the woman wears a small. Check the measurements in the images for an accurate sizing but generally for women we recommend:

8-10: Small (baggy fit)
12-14: Small
14-16: Medium
18: Large
20: XL