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Coconut Candle

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Coconut Candle

Various scents available

These beautiful, hand-carved coconut shells have been filled with soy and coconut wax to create unique, eco-friendly coconut shell candles with natural, subtle scents. They create a wonderful ambience both indoors and outdoors whether you're having fun, or want to unwind.

Mint Breeze is fresh and cool. Think refreshing sea breeze on an evening at the beach after a hot day of sun and sand. 

Vanilla Sunset is rich, classic, and warm. Think a soft, crackling fire on a beach as you watch the sun disappear below the ocean.

Rose Blossom is beautiful, sweet, and floral. Think bright, blooming flowers in a lush, vibrant and tropical garden.

Always place a non-flammable coaster or plate under the coconut candle when burning to protect your furniture from heat, and on the rare occasion wax which may leak through tiny cracks due to it being a natural product. You can always float your candle in bowl of water!

Coconut Candle details

Each coconut candle is a unique shape and slightly different size as it's a natural product. The weight is between 250g and 330g and the burn time is between 20/30 hours.

The wick is made from cotton, the scents are natural, and the soy and coconut wax is paraffin free to give you a clean and natural experience. 

Zero Waste

Once used these coconut candles can be repurposed to make excellent plant pots, bird feeders, containers, coconut bowls and more.

Avoid burning to the base of the coconut candle as it's a natural item which may form tiny cracks with the heat and could cause leaks. Burn the candle down to have a cm layer of wax remaining and remove the wax along with the base of the wicks.


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Safety when using the candle

As this is a natural product please be sure to place this on top of a plate or non-flammable coaster when burning as on rare occasions the heat can cause tiny cracks in the coconut shell where wax could leak through. This is more likely to happen if you burn through the wax all the way down to the bottom of the shell so we recommend leaving a centimetre of wax at the bottom of the shell. 

We hope you love your unique coconut candle! When using your candle please be safe and:

  • Don’t leave the candle burning without supervision
  • Don’t let young children or pets near the open flame (or some adults)
  • Place your candle on a non-flammable surface such as a slate coaster, plate, or ceramic saucer or float them in water before lighting.
  • Do not place your candle directly onto or near flammable or heat sensitive surfaces such as glass or wooden furniture as the coconut shells get hot and could cause damage.
  • Don’t leave the lit candle near draughts 
  • Make sure a flame is fully extinguished before leaving it unattended
  • Leave a cm of wax at the bottom of the candle and don’t burn through to the shell. 
  • Be careful when touching your candle after it has been lit as it may be hot to touch
  • Make sure the wick is cut down to a maximum of 1cm high above the wax after using, if it hasn't naturally burnt away.