organic hemp socks
Hemp Socks Tropical Lobster
Hemp socks Tropical Lobster
Hemp Socks Tropical Lobster
Hemp benefits
Hemp socks Tropical Lobster
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Tropical Lobster

Organic Hemp Socks in natural

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Yes, these socks will change the way you shop for socks. Our eco-friendly hemp socks dry quickly, are hard-wearing, and keep your feet healthy. How?

What are the benefits of hemp socks?

Our hemp socks are anti-bacterial meaning they keep your feet fresh and healthy, and reduce odour. They are also recommended for those prone to athlete's foot due to the anti-fungal nature of hemp as well as those with allergies or sensitive skin and during sports. 

Eco-friendly Hemp Socks

Hemp is one of the strongest natural materials on the planet resulting in long-lasting socks which fits perfectly into a slow living and sustainable lifestyle. They are up to four times more durable than cotton socks. Hemp is a leading material when it comes to sustainability. In short, hemp doesn't require pesticide, herbicide or fertiliser to grow. It also needs around 75% less water than cotton to grow, is biodegradable and absorbs a considerable amount of carbon dioxide from the environment when growing. They also make unique gifts whilst doing your part for the planet. 

Are hemp socks comfy?

They feel wonderfully comfortable and every wash makes the socks softer. They are thermo-regulating meaning they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Ethically made, vegan, and high quality Hemp Socks

There are no chemical dyes and or bleach usage in the production of the socks, unlike traditional cotton socks. Our socks consist of 52% hemp, 41% organic cotton, 4% polyamide and 3% elastane. They contain some of the highest percentages of hemp on the sock market.


Our socks are listed in European sizes. Here is a handy guide to convert to U.K. sizing:
Men's size converter (U.K. to European)

3/4/5 :    36/38
6/7 :        39/40
7.5/8 :     41/42
9/9.5 :    43/44
10/11.5 : 45/46

Women's size converter (U.K. to European)

3/4/5 :    36/38
6/7 :       39/40
8/9 :       41/42
10/11 :    43/44
12/13 :   45/46

We are so proud of our hemp socks and we hope you love them too!