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Tropical Lobster

Flowering Tea Mixed Bulbs Set

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Tropical Lobster Flowering Tea Mixed Bulbs Set

Relax and unwind as you enjoy your truly beautiful Flowering Tea.

Our premium hand sewn bulbs blossom into exquisite real flowers and create the highest quality green tea with fruit notes.

Our deluxe Flowering Teas are specifically harvested, and hand-stitched together by Chinese artisans who are experts in the ancient art form, offering you the highest quality flowering green tea experience.

The process of creating the tea and watching it bloom provides you with the perfect 15 minute break in your day to relax whilst drinking delicious green tea whilst enjoying its health benefits. You can create an experience with our Flowering Tea whilst socialising with friends, as-well as giving this as a truly unique gift.

What will I receive in my order?

This Flowering Tea set contains 5, 10, 15 or 30 individual bulbs (depending on what you choose). You will receive up to 6 of every design. 

You can chose whether to include a teapot or not in your order.

What Flowers and Ingredients are in the Flowering Tea?

Tropical Lobster Flowering Tea is a treat for the nose, eyes, and palate. Our Tropical Lobster Flowering Teas come in five aromas and designs. Here is a list of the names, the flowers, and ingredients used:

  • Pineapple Palm Tree - Jasmine Flower, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Green Tea, Pineapple Extract 
  • Pear Slices - Jasmine Flower, Rose, Green Tea, Pear Extract
  • Lush Lychee - Jasmine Flower, Lily, Green Tea, Lychee Extract
  • Vanilla Bean - Peony Flower, Green Tea, Vanilla Extract
  • Strawberry Sunrise - Carnation Flower, Green Tea, Strawberry Extract

When you cover the bulb in hot water it will blossom before your eyes into one of five flowers and create premium green tea for you to enjoy. 

How to use Flowering Tea

After unwrapping the tea bulb, to clearly see the flower bloom we recommend either placing the tea bulb in a heatproof, clear tea pot or glass.

Pour hot water over to cover it by 3- 4 inches.

Enjoy as you watch the tea bulb gently unfold into a beautiful flower over 3 – 10 minutes.

You can gently stir the tea to evenly spread the flavour.

Either pour the tea from the pot into a heatproof glass or drink straight from the glass.

After you have completed your first tea you can add hot water again to the same flower for another drink. Each time you do this the flavour will gradually become less intense.


Please note we don't ship Flowering Tea outside of the U.K. 
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Delivered in beautiful eco-friendly packaging within 2- 4 working days
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Health Benefits of our Flowering Tea

Quite simply the making, viewing, and drinking of Flowering Tea is a ritual that can have psychological benefits. Rituals can calm emotions, improve performance, and create social connections.

The tea also contains antioxidant properties and may aid in weight loss, boost vitality and even help decrease the risk of developing cancer.  

We suggest using the tea as part of a daily ritual where you make time for yourself to control your breathing, watch the tea blossom and enjoy the flavour, creating a calming 15 minutes for yourself every day. 

Green tea leaves contain a tiny amount of naturally occurring caffeine, which is considerably less than black tea leaves and coffee.

Eco-friendly Packaging 

Your tea will arrive in beautiful eco-friendly packaging. The individually wrapped bulbs will be tied in a biodegradable jute bag which can be reused. The bag is posted in a recyclable cardboard box which will be packed with wood wool and colourful dried flowers to ultimate create eco-friendly and beautiful packaging. To reduce waste we don't include any paperwork in the packaging. 

Where does our Flowering Tea come from?

Tropical Lobster Flowering Tea comes from the Hubei province of China which is the location of Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We work closely with local family-run farms and selling tea helps them to escape poverty. The farmers are true masters of their work and hand sew every single tea bulb and achieve European food standards. We are proud of the quality which you will be sure to see in every Tropical Lobster Flowering Tea.